G.I. Joe A Real American Hero #249 CBCS SS 9.8 Signed by Sanders


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G.I. Joe A Real American Hero #249 CBCS SS 9.8 ECCC 2018 Cover

Natali Sanders Comic Market Street ECCC 2018 Convention Exclusive Cover A (1500)

CBCS SS 9.8 Signed by Natali Sanders

CBCS Cert #  20-357179C-037   20-357179C-045   20-357179C-042

Release: 02/28/2018

"Dawn of the Arishikage," Part 4! Dawn Moreno's journey into her own mind-and that of the original Snake Eyes-continues as past and present collide like the violent clash of two deadly swords! What does the future hold for the haunted ninja girl... and G.I. JOE?!The birth (and rebirth) of an all-new Snake Eyes!Penultimate chapter leading to the oversized issue #250 blockbuster extravaganza!


Larry Hama
Netho Diaz
Thiago Gomes
Natali Sanders