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Garth Ennis-December 29 - February 17

CGC Announces In-House Private Signing Event with Comic Book Writer Garth Ennis

The acclaimed comic book writer Garth Ennis is headed to CGC to sign your books!



CGC Signature Series is excited to announce an exclusive In-House Private Signing with Garth Ennis, an Eisner, Eagle and National Comics award-winning comic book writer, who has written standout series for publishers like DC, Marvel and Dynamite.

Ennis has been writing comics since 1989. His credits include The Boys (adapted into a hit TV show for Amazon) published by Dynamite, Preacher (adapted for AMC), Hitman and Crossed, as well as successful runs on The Punisher and Fury for Marvel Comics. He is renowned for his war fiction, including the series Battlefields and War Stories, the graphic novels Sara, Out of the Blue and The Stringbags and a recent revival of the classic British character Johnny Red.

Dynamite Entertainment is offering limited edition issues from Ennis’ hit series, The Boys for this signing. Fans interested in picking up these exclusive covers can purchase them here.


“The CGC Signature Series team is extremely stoked to welcome Garth Ennis for this In-House Private Signing,” said Brittany McManus, CGC Signature Series Director. “His work has pushed boundaries in the comics industry and features incredible storytelling! We know Garth has many fans and we’re thrilled to offer this private signing opportunity for them! ”

For this exclusive In-House Private Signing, ALL CGC members, including free CGC members, can submit books directly to CGC headquarters in Sarasota, Florida. CGC must receive all submissions for this event by Friday, February 17, 2023. 

If the In-House Private Signing needs to be rescheduled, CGC will securely store all submissions in its vault until the event can be rescheduled. 

After Ennis signs the submitted books, CGC will grade and encapsulate them with an estimated turnaround time of six weeks. If CCS pressing is also requested, the turnaround time is estimated at eight weeks. After grading and encapsulation, the collectibles will be shipped back to their owners.

The CGC In-House Private Signing fee for Garth Ennis is $75 per item and includes: 

  • Garth Ennis’ signature 
  • Estimated turnaround time of six weeks for CGC grading 
  • Estimated turnaround time of eight weeks for CGC grading and CCS pressing (an additional $20 fee applies for CCS pressing)  
  • Encapsulation with the iconic yellow CGC Signature Series label   



All submissions must be received by CGC no later than Friday, February 17, 2023, to qualify for this private signing event. No change requests will be accepted after Friday, February 17, 2023.

*No Multi-Sigs included with other signings.

**If you submit a CGC-graded collectible that needs to be removed from its original holder by CGC, the collectible will need to go through the certification and encapsulation process again, and there is no guarantee that it will receive the same grade.