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Andy Lanning

CGC Announces Private Signing with Comic Book Writer and Inker Andy Lanning
CGC is excited to announce an exclusive Private Signing with comic book writer and inker, Andy Lanning! Lanning has worked for many publishers including DC, Marvel and BOOM! Studios. In addition to signing, Lanning will be offering Remarques for purchase. See pricing and details below.

Lanning has worked in the comics industry for more than three decades and is best known for his work writing Marvel's, The Guardians of the Galaxy. He is also an inker, and has worked alongside some of the biggest artists on top titles such as Wonder WomanX-MenSpider-ManSupermanLegion of Super-HeroesNova and many others. 

For this exclusive signing, ALL CGC members, including free CGC members, can submit books directly to CGC headquarters in Sarasota, Florida. CGC must receive all submissions for this event by Friday, April 7, 2023. 

After Lanning signs the submitted books, CGC will grade and encapsulate them with an estimated turnaround time of six weeks. If CCS pressing is also requested, the turnaround time is estimated at eight weeks. 

The CGC Private Signing fee for Andy Lanning is $75 per item and includes: 

  • Andy Lanning’s signature 
  • Encapsulation with the iconic yellow CGC Signature Series label 

The CGC Private Signing fee for a Andy Lanning Remarque is $115 per item and includes:

  • Andy Lanning’s signature
  • Andy Lanning’s illustrated Remarque. Submitters may request the desired Remarque. Important: The final design and subject matter of the Remarque is at the artist’s discretion. Limited to the first 35 submitters.
  • Encapsulation with the iconic yellow CGC Signature Series label