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La Muerta: Onslaught - Heavy Metalico Edition Jonboy Meyers Var 39/300


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La Muerta: Onslaught - Heavy Metalico Edition Jonboy Meyers Var 39/300

B. PULIDO¢‚¬„¢S NEWEST GRAPHIC NOVEL: LA MUERTA #1: ONSLAUGHT! Raised over $222,000 from it's kickstarter!‚ 

Part of the Kickstarter Coffin Comics Ultimate Onslaught Legends Set

Story:‚ Brian Pulido, Mike MacLean
Interiors:‚ Joel Gomez, Ceci de la Cruz
Cover:‚ Jonboy Meyers

Full color, 48 pages.‚ METAL‚ front cover!‚ Limited to 300 serially numbered copies!‚ Square bound graphic novel.‚ 

Chapter 7 of La Muerta¢‚¬„¢s story.


If anyone needs a little peace and quiet, it¢‚¬„¢s combat veteran Maria Diaz, aka LA MUERTA, the avenging angel of the streets. It¢‚¬„¢s too bad a gang of murderous psychos seek bloody payback for their fallen brothers.

Meanwhile, the god-like, extinction-level villain, Insurrectus, has tasked his demonic progeny to scour the Earth and assassinate those with supernatural powers willing to defend the innocent ¢‚¬€œ which brings them on a collision course with La Muerta and her allies!

Enemies become allies. The unthinkable becomes possible and revealed: La Muerta as you¢‚¬„¢ve never seen her before in this critical Deathocalypse crossover tie-in!

And - a special appearance by the one and only Lady Death!

Full color, 48 pages.‚ Limited to just 166 copies!‚ Square bound graphic novel.

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Release: Apr 27, 2022
Cover: May 2022

Chapter 7

Coffin Comics

Guest appearance by Lady Death! "Deathocalypse", an official year long company wide event unfolds here! Maria Diaz stalks the streets as the relentless vigilante La Muerta, seeking vengeance against the criminal underworld. For a time, all was peaceful and quiet in her life - until tonight!‚ 

Writer Mike MacLean
Plotter Joel Gomez
Artist Joel Gomez
Colorist Ceci de la Cruz
Letterer Marshall Dillon

Cover Artist Diego Bernard

Muerta (Maria Diaz)

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