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Justice League of America, Vol. 1
1st app. The Magician (Malcolm Merlyn)
Release: Sep 14, 1971
Cover: Nov 1971

Where Strikes Demonfang? / The Tarantula Strikes / The Amazing Starman

Action, Adventure, Super-Heroes
Bronze Age | Color | USA | English
Comic | 48 pages | $0.25

Where Strikes Demonfang?
Batman, Green Arrow, and Aquaman are on the trail of members of the League of Assassins, and the Sensei, the leader of the League, assigns Merlyn the Archer to kill one of them. Merlyn's special weapons put Superman and the Atom out of action temporarily while he goes about his mission. When Aquaman passes out from lack of water, Batman realizes that something is amiss, but before he can investigate further, he and Green Arrow are attacked by Merlyn. Although Batman is the assigned target (since, as the JLA later discovers, the League of Assassins is connected with Ra's al Ghul, Batman's arch-foe), Merlyn also has an old score to settle with GA. Attempting to accomplish both goals at once, he fails, but manages to escape. After the other JLA members leave, Batman reveals to "Aquaman" that he knows that the Sea King is being inhabited by Deadman, the spirit who lives by possessing others' bodies (whom Batman has met).[1] Deadman had learned of the planned attempt on Batman's life and had taken over Aquaman's identity to warn him.

The Tarantula Strikes
A mysterious criminal wearing a black hood, known as the Tarantula, breaks into the lavish estate of movie actress Vivian Dale and kidnaps her. Wesley Dodds learns of the abduction and dons the costume of the Sandman. He locates the villain's whereabouts, in one of many hidden rooms, in Miss Dale's own mansion, and apprehends the Tarantula, while also freeing Vivian. He unmasks the kidnapper to reveal Vivian's house guest, a man named Crossart.

The Amazing Starman
Weird events transpire all over the country: communication systems and power plants, as well as internal combustion engines, malfunction and are destroyed. FBI agent Woodley Allen is puzzled by the disasters and decides to contact a mystery man, who could help. To summon him, Woodley unscrews a metal capsule. Meanwhile, in Gotham City's most fashionable club, a young Mr. Knight suddenly decides to leave his company, Miss Lee, on account of his fragile health. Just then another malfunction occurs, as lights go off, and Miss Lee misses her friend in the dark. Taking advantage of the situation Ted changes into his other self ‚¬â¬Å“ the Starman . Allen and Staman meet at the prearranged place, namely a shack on a cliff, where Starman is informed that the mysterious "The Brotherhood of the Electron" is responsible for the accidents. Flowing through the assumed area of Brotherhood's base, Starman discovers strange electrical discharge from a mountain. Surveying the mountain he stumbles upon metal door with a lightning symbol on it. He uses his Gravity Rod to melt through the door, and captures a guard, who quickly reveals that the head of the Brotherhood is Dr. Doog, and that he has Professor Davis captured. Davis's invention ‚¬â¬Å“ the Ultra-Dynamo, is being used by Doog to take over the world. Starman and the guard descend to the base, when an electrical bolt suddenly fires at the Starman, is deflected by the Gravity Rod, and kills the guard. The Starman then hurtles to the chamber where Davis is kept, and is greeted there by Dr. Doog, who tries to bring Starman under hypnotic control. When this fails he flees, and covers his retreat with weapons and traps. Starman fights his way past all the traps, thugs and finally, the Ultra-Dynamo itself. Starman is gaining on Doog, when abruptly one of his own traps captures the evil genius. Even though Dr. Doog seems to fall to his death, Davis hears his evil laugh, when both he and Starman exit the mountain. To secure the end of Dr. Doog, Starman seals up the entrance.



Writer Gardner Fox | Mike Friedrich | Jack Burnley
Artist Neal Adams | Jack Burnley | Bert Christman
Penciller Dick Dillin
Inker Joe Giella
Colorist Raymond Perry


Batman Bruce Wayne
Superman Kal-El / Clark Kent
Flash Barry Allen
Green Arrow Oliver Queen
Atom Ray Palmer

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