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Justice League of America, Vol. 1
Release: Mar 1968
Cover: Mar 1968

Operation: Jail The Justice League

Action, Adventure, Super-Heroes
Silver Age | Color | USA | English

During the most recent meeting of the Justice League of America, the Green Arrow stuns the group with the revelation that he is quitting the team and giving up his identity of Green Arrow and warns the rest of the team to do the same, although he does not explain why. Suspicious over a threat on the Green Arrow's life, each member of the Justice League decide to secretly learn what threat Green Arrow is talking about by taking on his guise -- all except for Wonder Woman, who tries to pose as Green Arrow, but realizes that she could hardly pass for the Emerald Archer.

Batman, disguised as Green Arrow and modifying his Batmobile to look like the Arrowcar drives about Gotham City when he happens upon the Penguin leaving the scene of a robbery. Attacking his old foe, Batman is easily defeated by his enemy, who magically changes his appearance to look like Green Arrow, while Batman himself is changed into the Penguin and is arrested. The same happens to Martian Manhunter when he tries to stop Dr. Light, Superman tackles Lex Luthor, the Green Lantern against the Tattooed Man, Aquaman against Charlie Cutlass, the Flash against Captain Boomerang, and Hawkman against I.Q..

Suspecting what is going on all along, Green Arrow decides to trail the Atom because he is the only one that hasn't been "switched" with a foe and incarcerated. When the Atom confronts Jason Woodroe as "Green Arrow" the crook tries to do the same thing, however Oliver Queen is on site to knock him out. Shortly after, the imprisoned JLAers suddenly change back to their normal forms and are freed from jail. Answering a call to JLA headquarters, they arrive to find Green Arrow with Dr. Destiny in his custody. Green Arrow explains how Destiny tried to infiltrate the JLA headquarters by posing as the Green Arrow using his Materioptikon to make himself appear as Green Arrow and the Arrow to appear as Destiny and get arrested. However, the effects soon wore off and Green Arrow rushed to JLA headquarters and realized that perhaps one of the members was really Destiny in disguise and so he set about this whole chain of events to try and capture Destiny.

Reviving, Destiny boasts that he has an ace up his sleeve: While he was using Materioptikon duplicates against the JLA at first, he had stashed and hidden the REAL villains in their headquarters and unleashes them on the JLA. The Justice League find themselves evenly matched against their regular foes, but turn it around against the crooks when they switch opponents and easily defeat all the criminals. After the battle is over, the criminals are turned over to the police and they revive in jail with no memory of the location of the Justice Leagues headquarters


Writer Gardner Fox
Penciller Mike Sekowsky
Inker Sid Greene
Cover Penciller Mike Sekowsky
Cover Inker Jack Abel


Batman Bruce Wayne
Superman Kal-El / Clark Kent
Wonder Woman Diana Prince
Green Lantern Hal Jordan
Flash Barry Allen

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