Mistress Umbra

New Cosplayer MistressUmbra (Bailey) hits the scene!

  Behold the unparalleled artistry and enchantment woven by the illustrious Mistress Umbra, a sorceress of cosplay/ren-faire looks like no other! 

  Prepare to be enraptured as she gracefully dons the persona of Emma Frost, effortlessly embodying the icy elegance and fierce allure of the White Queen. 

  With a meticulous eye for detail, every seam and stitch of her Renfaire attire becomes a portal to a bygone era, transporting us to realms of medieval majesty. From the ethereal grace of flowing gowns to the intricate craftsmanship of corsets and jewels, Mistress Umbra's creations breathe life into history, bringing forth an enchantment that captivates the hearts of all who bear witness.

   Her transformative power lies not only in her astonishing resemblance to these iconic characters but in the sheer passion and dedication that radiate from every meticulously crafted garment, unveiling a world where fantasy and reality entwine in a tapestry of unparalleled beauty.

Check out a few of her looks >>

(credit of photos to her comicpal)

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