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  • Bailey "MistressUmbra"

    From Texas conventions, Renfaire crafting to Twitch Streaming, Bailey is a multitalented indiviual

  • I could not help but notice your Emma cosplay, what drew you to the X-Men franchise? And is she your favorite?

    Bailey: "I think I love X-Men for the fact that its got it all really, I mean name almost any other run be it comics or otherwise and X-Men has done it in some fashion, and did it better in more than a few cases in my opinion. As for if she is my favorite well that deserves to be its own question really but ill try to boil it down. I love a woman who instead of b*tching about the rule that the uniform for all woman in the hellfire club was sexy lingerie , she becomes queen in spite of it and looks sexy as sin in the process."

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