Disney Lorcana

Disney Lorcana


What Is Disney Lorcana?

Disney Lorcana has been intriguing people across the globe! But the question is, Why? And what makes it worth looking into over long-running rivals like Pokemon or Magic: The Gathering? 

In Disney Lorcana, players embark on a search for lost lore with their teams of glimmers. They'll play characters, actions, and items from their hand and choose whether to “quest” for lore with their glimmers or challenge their opponents. The first player to collect 20 lore wins! Whilst playing you'll notice a telling of an all-new story that brings together animated favorites such as Mickey Mouse, Moana, Maleficent, and Aladdin, you'll use special abilities to overcome your rivals. Much like Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering, these characters are divided into special 'colors'.

It is being developed and published by Ravensburger, who previously worked with Disney on the Villainous (another favorite of ours) series of tabletop games. But as of now this will be its first-ever trading card game!
(Image(s) credit: Ravensburger, Disney)

"A swirl of colorful starlight appears, growing brighter and brighter until it is all you can see. When the burst of light subsides, you find yourself in a wondrous new place. Welcome to the Great Illuminary, the center of a magical realm called Lorcana.  

The Illuminary summoned you here because of your powerful imagination. You follow a pulsing line of light through curving hallways and numerous rooms to emerge into a vast atrium. A mechanism there towers over an open book. Sparkling down from above is a stream of colorful story stars, each containing fragments of Disney stories.  

Nearby, a unique tool catches your eye. It’s an inkcaster, and when you pick it up, it feels both exciting and familiar. Instinctively, you hold it high above the open book. Magical ink pulsing with energy flows through the mechanism and combines with the light from a story star on a page of the lorebook in front of you, creating an image of a Disney character. With the power of your inkcaster, the image rises off the page. This is a glimmer, a new version of the character that only exists in this world. As an Illumineer, you can create glimmers of characters and items to add to the lore of Lorcana—a treasure that must be preserved and protected at all costs. 

Soon, other Illumineers across the globe will be called to the aid of Lorcana. You’ll summon glimmers to quest with you as you search for missing lore in a race against time. Only together can you protect this wondrous realm from threats.  

Will you answer the call?"

Rules & Gameplay

To start with, each player's (Illumineer's) goal is to collect 20 'Lore' points. You do this by playing character cards (a process called 'Questing') to your board. However, these heroes and baddies aren't just for hoovering up resources. Characters also have abilities that can delay or make life difficult for your opponent. For example, they can battle other character cards that've been used that turn. If those characters get more damage tokens than their Willpower score (read: health points), they're discarded for the rest of the game.

Item and Action cards are similar - they help you out with special abilities. The main difference? Items can be used over and over, while Action cards are a one-and-done sort of deal.

So, how are these abilities powered? It's all down to 'Ink'. Rather than there being distinct Ink cards as per Magic: The Gathering, you'll have to discard cards to the 'Inkwell' section of your board to gain Ink. Each card discarded gets you one Ink point. The more Ink you have, the more powerful the abilities that can be activated.

There are six types of Disney Lorcana Ink in total, and each one comes with specific characteristics that haven't been shared yet. They are as follows:

  • Amethyst (purple)
  • Ruby (red)
  • Sapphire (blue)
  • Emerald (green)
  • Amber (yellow)
  • Steel (gray)

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