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THE REVOLUTION STARTS HERE: COLD WAR - PART ONE! Bucky Barnes is the Outer Circle's New Revolution, and he has enacted his deadliest move yet - an alliance with Sam Wilson's nemesis, the White Wolf. When Steve Rogers' adopted son, Ian, A.K.A. Nomad, is abducted by someone Steve thought was a friend, he suspects Bucky's hand at work and calls upon the people who know Ian best - Sam Wilson, Sharon Carter and Misty Knight - to help him get to the bottom of the attack. Has Bucky finally gone too far? Why has Nomad been taken, and what does it have to do with a portal to Dimension Z opening over a secret battleground in Alaska? The Symbol of Truth and the Sentinel of Liberty reunite for a pulse-pounding crossover event that will make them question everything they believe in-and each other. Rated T+


Writer Jackson Lanzing | Collin Kelly | Tochi Onyebuchi
Artist Carlos Magno
Colorist Jochen Weltjens (Guru-eFX)
Letterer Joe Caramagna
Cover Artist Alex Ross