Uncanny X-Men #134 Direct Edition

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Uncanny X-Men, Vol. 1
1st app. Dark Phoenix (Jean Grey)
Direct Edition

Release: Jun 1980
Cover: Jun 1980

Too Late, the Heroes!


m Wyngarde's attack. However, seeing her lover die jarred Jean free of his control, just in time to release the helmet preventing Cyclops from using his abilities while Wolverine created a distraction. The X-Men then do what they do best: coordinate an extremely efficient attack against unprepared enemies and rout the lot. If not for the influence of the Hellfire Club, they'd stay to clean up entirely, but are instead forced to leave and allow their enemies to escape. While making good their escape, Jean's mind finally collapses on itself, and the Dark Phoenix is born in an explosion that destroys the X-jet.


Writer Chris Claremont
Plotter Chris Claremont | John Byrne
Penciller John Byrne
Inker Terry Austin
Colorist Bob Sharen


White Bishop (Donald Pierce)
Black Bishop (Harry Leland)
Mastermind (Jason Wyngarde)
Dark Phoenix (Jean Grey)
Black King (Sebastian Shaw)