Not your Typical Customer Service- A Comic Concierge Service

Concierge service isn’t just for hotels.

Once a term that was referred to only in the hospitality industry, concierge customer service has become the gold standard in helping customers. Ultimately, customer service is about assisting people find what they're looking for. Concierge service isn't just geared towards elite clients, it’s an approach that provides personalized service to all customers all the time.

Major Payne’s Comic Concierge is just that- it’s about helping our customers find the comics and artists they’re looking for through dialogue and customized feedback.   Need help finding a new comic series to read? Are you a collector seeking a rare gem?  Know exactly what you want, but have searched high and low and turned up empty handed?  Don’t have the time to search? That’s why we exist. Our goal is to help you.  Our unique Comic Concierge Service comes with personalized consultation via a phone call 424-394-4251, messenger on our homepage or email at or video chat and the resources required to find the unique item you’re seeking.  We thrive by being able to help fellow comic enthusiasts on their quest to score the next best comic or elusive find. 

Take the Pain out of Finding Rare Comics

Major Payne’s Comic Compound was established to be your guide to take the “pain” out of your search. We specialize in variants and rare comic art by various artists. If there’s an artist that catches your eye or a variant you’ve been looking for, let us help. There’s no obligation. 

How We Do It

Come find us in person at The Comic Bug, at our website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or give us a call directly at 424-394-4251. Our goal is to answer every call, but if we’re speaking with another customer, we’ll get back to you ASAP. You can also send us a chat message on our site, text us or set up an appointment for a video chat. Let’s chat about what you’re looking for and get started on that quest. 

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