Cosplay Feature: Bailey! aka MistressUmbra

Cosplay Feature: Bailey! aka MistressUmbra

  Today we had the privilege of sitting down and talking to a new up and coming Texas-based cosplayer by the name of Mistressumbra! Mistressumbra is a beautiful talented craftswoman who not only creates her (some) own cosplays, but often her some of her Renfaire attire as well (shown below). Should you be attending any Texas comic/anime conventions you'' normally see her dressed as, Emma Frost, Rias Gremory or Sinon.




1. Hello! Hope you're doing quite well. What got you started with exploring cosplay?

MU: Same thing as most cosplayers probably, liking attention and finding a character that you enjoy so much you just want to be them

2. What’s the hardest part of cosplaying for you?

Definitely not having enough local cons without traveling outward

3. What’s your favorite one and why?

 It's really hard to choose between Emma Frost and Rias Gremory... I guess it boils down to whether or not I'm in the mood for blondes or red heads lol

4. I could not help but notice your Emma cosplay, what drew you to the X-Men franchise? And is she your favorite?

 I think I love X-Men for the fact that its got it all really, I mean name almost any other run be it comics or otherwise and X-Men has done it in some fashion, and did it better in more than a few cases in my opinion. As for if she is my favorite well that deserves to be its own question really but ill try to boil it down. I love a woman who instead of b*tching about the rule that the uniform for all woman in the hellfire club was sexy lingerie , she becomes queen in spite of it and looks sexy as sin in the process.

5. I wouldn’t be doing my job unless I asked lol do you have a favorite comic or comic based show/movie?

Well I think its a bit obvious by this point what that would be lol but I suppose if you want me to spell it out, 90s X-Men 99.99%! the last missing percent? oh that would be jubilee.. duh

6. DC or Marvel?

I like my fandoms to have substance so I have to go with Marvel overall but even ill admit I enjoy the hell out of the DC tv shows as well as Jason Mamoa, oh and the only good superman is a dead one or Smallville lol


7. What games are you playing at the moment?

Definitely League of Legends!


8. For anyone looking to seek out your socials where can they find you? 

@mistress_umbra on insta (instagram) and Twitch at



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